Morgan P.

Do you wish to see a person blooming into herself? Read and see what you receive when my mind comes to life on the page. Support a young writer, that wants to shed some personal insights to fellow shy girls, nerds, and feminists. Much Love

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A Story of a Quiet Queer
13 hours ago
Let's hope that the more personal I get with the world, the closer I will feel with coming to terms with my sexuality. Being the Outcast is not foreign to me. When I was growing up I felt safe alone. ...
A Message from the Youth to Elders
3 days ago
Today, August 16, 2018, we lost the legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin. I am a woman who recently turned 21 in February. I am considered a youth in this year, and I want to be the first to say that...
2 months ago
When two hearts meet and choose each other, I like to imagine that the ancestors and spirits join together to celebrate that love connection. They gather together in community, fireworks, the singing ...
Love, Empaths, and Breaking Obsessive Tendencies
3 months ago
I was reading a post by fellow Vocal writer Naomi Robinson who wrote a brilliant advice piece titled "The Empathic Mind." She is also a fellow Empath, like myself, and I find it fascinating that disco...