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For You My First Love
23 days ago
For all of the holidays we will miss together, let it be known to the world that I love you. Your eyes that ask the world for everything when your mouth remains silent out of compassion. I loved that ...
Anecdotes and Antidotes
3 months ago
The definition of Repose means "a state of rest, sleep, and tranquility." These are words that I am longing to feel consistently. I am a fighter without a doubt, whether it comes to fighting my own sp...
The Art of Giving No F****
3 months ago
Come into my mind today, as I take you into my world for just a few moments. Today I want to give you the skills to make you more attractive to your friends, potential romantic partners, and family. I...
A Story of a Quiet Queer
5 months ago
Let's hope that the more personal I get with the world, the closer I will feel with coming to terms with my sexuality. Being the Outcast is not foreign to me. When I was growing up I felt safe alone. ...
A Message from the Youth to Elders
5 months ago
Today, August 16, 2018, we lost the legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin. I am a woman who recently turned 21 in February. I am considered a youth in this year, and I want to be the first to say that...
7 months ago
When two hearts meet and choose each other, I like to imagine that the ancestors and spirits join together to celebrate that love connection. They gather together in community, fireworks, the singing ...