Morgan Sankofa


Identity: Queer Empath and HSP 

YouTube Channel: Morgan Sankofa

I am a gifted writer 

loves blackness


Alicia Garza

humble peaceful folks.

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How to Break a Soul Tie
5 months ago
A Soul Tie is such an intimate and close connection where you bond so much with another person, place, object, idea, etc. that it can't escape your mind. Daily interactions are just a sliver of the po...
For You My First Love
8 months ago
For all of the holidays we will miss together, let it be known to the world that I love you. Your eyes that ask the world for everything when your mouth remains silent out of compassion. I loved that ...
Anecdotes and Antidotes
10 months ago
The definition of Repose means "a state of rest, sleep, and tranquility." These are words that I am longing to feel consistently. I am a fighter without a doubt, whether it comes to fighting my own sp...
The Art of Giving No F****
10 months ago
Come into my mind today, as I take you into my world for just a few moments. Today I want to give you the skills to make you more attractive to your friends, potential romantic partners, and family. I...
A Story of a Quiet Queer
a year ago
Let's hope that the more personal I get with the world, the closer I will feel with coming to terms with my sexuality. Being the Outcast is not foreign to me. When I was growing up I felt safe alone. ...
A Message from the Youth to Elders
a year ago
Today, August 16, 2018, we lost the legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin. I am a woman who recently turned 21 in February. I am considered a youth in this year, and I want to be the first to say that...