Nalana Phillips

I am a single mother. I am looking to become a writer and am trying to eventually make a living from it. 

I hope you enjoy anything that you read of mine. 

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Is It Really a Hope Garden?
5 months ago
I live in a community called Hope Gardens. But is it really? The community consists of all woman and their children, but I have started to notice a few things since living there that are really starti...
Dating in Our Thirties!
6 months ago
I am in my late 30s and I have noticed that dating has become a lot harder the older you get. I have joined and deleted a lot of dating sites, because it seems that either the guys just want to hook u...
Romance of Our Generation
7 months ago
So I got to thinking the other day. Romance has died in our generation and we are the ones that killed it. Somewhere between my grandparent's generation and ours, romance and wooing died. I am not sur...