Nancy Fingerhood

I am the creator of the web series, Mile High Nancy about a 420 chef in Colorado who is also a single mother by choice and aspiring comedian. I also have a blog called Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Gone Wild.

No Time for Head Games
2 years ago
The date began on the night we met at a "Flirt" singles mixer in a chic wine bar in Denver. My wing couple was Lisa and Doug, married and supportive of my quest to find Mr. Adequate. As a single mothe...
The Issued Outs
2 years ago
“He’s got that nervous look in his eye,” she said. “You know, that issued out look.” That was my friend Jessie pointing out a man standing across from us in a bar at the Jersey shore. I asked her to e...
Yenta and the Jewish Standard
2 years ago
I’m so old that I started blind dating before existed. I’m not sure if blind dating is a verb but the other variations — blindly dating or dating blind — sounded worse. I used newspaper ads ...
The Chosen One
2 years ago
I have been told I am one of the chosen people. I question if they mean chosen for persecution and jokes about being cheap. According to a group of born again Christians I met in high school, I was ch...