Ossiana M. Tepfenhart

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of NJ. 

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'Why Won’t Women Date Me?'
4 months ago
I remember the last time I stepped in vomit. I didn’t realize I did it at first. But then, slowly, I started to smell something funky in the area. I decided to walk around, to get away from the stink....
"My Wife Suddenly Wants a Divorce! What Happened?"
5 months ago
Divorce is a women's thing, and the numbers show that to be true. Multiple studies show that 66 percent of divorces are initiated by women, and that many of the men who they leave are totally blindsid...
"My Husband Suddenly Hates Me. What the F***?!"
9 months ago
When people get married, there are certain things that people never expect. People who are getting married never expect to get divorced, nor do they expect their partners to cheat. However, these thin...
13 Signs Your Breakup Was a Blessing in Disguise
a year ago
Ladies and gentlemen, I have been the center of some really ugly breakups. I dated a narcissistic male model who dumped me because I was a size 2 and was therefore "too fat" for him. I've been ghosted...
10 Signs You're Smothering Your Partner
a year ago
Have you ever seen a coworker or a friend who had the "urge to merge?" This is the phrase that I've heard used for people who tend to get joined at the hip with their significant others. Though they m...
10 Signs Your Healthy Relationship Is Turning Toxic
a year ago
Your physical health is something that’s pretty easy to understand. You eat well, practice healthy habits, hit the gym, and your body will react by being healthy. You also can typically tell when you’...