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14 Lessons About Friendship You Should Learn by 30
6 days ago
Friendship is something that's a part of life, ever since you were a little kid. You might not even remember your first friend, but it's safe to say that you had one. As we grow and develop, so do our...
Rules to Follow in a Polyamorous Relationship
3 months ago
I've been in quite a few relationships that were outside the box. I've been in a lesbian relationship. I've been in relationships with transpeople. I've been in "don't ask, don't tell" open relationsh...
Reasons Why an Open Relationship May Work for You
5 months ago
Up until recently, I was in an open relationship with the man I thought I'd marry. Honestly, it was a great relationship for me until he broke it off by cheating on me. Though my relationship ended ho...
Things We Lie About When It Comes to Casual Dating
7 months ago
It's 2018, and it's the decade for casual dating. It's a dating phenomenon that has completely changed the progression of most relationships. Everywhere you look, the "casual love" style has taken hol...
Best Polyamorous Relationship Tips to Make It Work
8 months ago
Polyamory is not easy. If you think having a single boyfriend or girlfriend is hard, imagine how difficult it is to juggle two at the same time. Speaking as someone who was in a polyamorous relationsh...
Signs Your Significant Other Is Giving You Anxiety
8 months ago
My relationship with my baby daddy was one that I honestly believe killed a huge part of me. At the time, I was an anxiety-ridden, needy wreck of a person who legitimately just wanted to be comforted....