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Ranting, Venting, Etc
8 days ago
I don't know where to begin. I am just feeling... off. Have you ever moved in with a significant other or loved one, and just hated it? I mean it's not like the area you live in is bad, but everything...
The Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 5)
22 days ago
"I adelfí sou tha érthei sýntoma edó! Your sister will be here anytime now!" a woman shouted running back and forth as servants tried to clean around her, "This is a first in what? Fifty? Sixty years?...
Painted Faces Behind Masks
a year ago
"Great! Nice going, Dai, now you've really done it!" Miyia said, slapping the back of his head. He growled and turned to face our friends. "If she hadn't kissed him!" The tension was heightened and ev...
Parties Aren't Easy on the Eyes
a year ago
As the light continued to blind us, a man with long and majestic black hair came toward us like a dark angel descending from the clouds. There was something about him that felt different; something I ...
Rain Isn't Good for My Hair
a year ago
Walking on a stormy day to a destination marked on a soaking wet paper that is almost illegible—what a great way to arrive at a party. "We should have taken the car and just left it half a mile back. ...