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What A Complete Disaster
2 years ago
I think everyone at one point and time can say they have had some pretty lousy dates with some unappealing human beings. I think I may have the story to beat all stories. My worst date ever came a few...
Goodbye To My Narcissistic Abuser
2 years ago
How do you get over four years of loving someone with every last fiber of your being? How do you go on knowing that this nightmare is real? How do you stop the tears that just seem to keep falling? Ho...
My Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
2 years ago
What we had can only be described as a whirlwind romance. He came into my life right when I needed a man the most and I fell madly in love with him. He seemed to be everything I was looking for in a m...
To All The Men Who Act Like They're PMS'ing
2 years ago
Okay so here is my rant. I hate men who sit there and complain about how bad women act when they're having their monthly visitor or those snarky assholes who have the audacity to piss a woman off and ...
My Mentally Ill Ex
2 years ago
I seem to be a magnet for the worst of the worst when it comes to men. Every single relationship I have ever had has ended badly due to the abusive behavior of the man I'm dating at the time. I don't ...
To The Controlling Woman Who Raised My Boyfriend
2 years ago
You say you want what is best for your son? You say that you love him and you only want to see him happy? If that were true you would stay out of our relationship rather than living to make both your ...