Rachel Ann

I am here to share my story and hope to pick up some passengers on my journey to self-love. Let’s make this world an incredible place to live in by starting to take care of our mental health. 

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Am I a Burden to You?
9 days ago
Hello there, I’m sure at some point in our lives we have pondered this question relating to someone we care deeply about. How do I ensure that I am not a burden to anyone? Usually this feeling comes f...
Communication Skills
4 months ago
Save your relationships.
Pinky Promise
6 months ago
Day 43—January 16, 2019 Slight trigger warning, please be cautious before continuing to read. Hello everyone and welcome back to another helpful topic. Today, I wanted to address the value of a promis...
No Offense
9 months ago
Day 23 10/23/2018 Hello lovely people of the world. Where are you all from? I know some local people who reach out to me, but I want to know how far we are going with this and who my audience is. So w...
9 months ago
Day 31, 10/06/2018 Hello everyone. How are you feeling today? I want you to actually think about that for a second. Your feelings and of course you matter. Take a second to think about yourself right ...
Dating While Dealing with a Mental Illness
10 months ago
Day 27—09/19/2018 Hey guys and gals, welcome back to day 27! You guys, I am so close to filling up my first journal with my personal stories and advice. This isn’t just a journal where I complain abou...