Rachel Lesch

New England Native; lover of traveling, history, fashion, and culture. Student at Salem State University and an aspiring historical fiction writer. 

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The Hamiltons: Epilogue
2 years ago
The letter had been placed on Eliza's dresser while she was asleep. She noticed it when she sat down to brush her hair. Cracking open the seal, she recognized Alexander's handwriting. "This letter, my...
The Hamiltons: Part 3
2 years ago
Alexander Hamilton paced back and forth in front of his wife's bedroom door and wished that it would all just be over already. His mother-in-law had told him that Eliza was a healthy young woman and t...
Retribution: Chapter 33
2 years ago
Marianne sat in front of the mirror in Hélène’s bedroom while Hélène arranged her hair. The morning before, she had washed it using egg yolks and then sat outside in the sun to let it dry. Lemon juice...
The Hamiltons: Part 2
2 years ago
Philip Hamilton had not seen his mother smile in months. First, there had been the scandal of Father's affair and then the tragedy of Aunt Peggy's sudden death. Mamma had grown thin and pale. Her love...
Retribution: Chapter 32
2 years ago
A summer-like heat wave hit Paris at the beginning of May: a week of dry, heavy, and sultry days. At the height of this hot spell, Charles and Adèle opened up their swimming pool. With a pitcher of be...
Retribution: Chapter 31
2 years ago
Gabriel checked over the time table at St. Lazare station; his train would not be boarding for another two hours. He could go and call upon his sister in the meantime, but the walk was too far. The ti...