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21 Guys Share What Feature of a Woman They Find Most Attractive
7 days ago
"Collarbones." - Seth, 24 "If she has a muffin top stomach. I like it when a girl is confident in her own skin and doesn't workout hardcore to make her stomach super flat. Also, calves." - Luke, 20 "H...
14 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single
11 days ago
Stay single until you learn to be complete on your own. Until you realize and accept the fact that no amount of time having a significant other will "fill" you. Be complete enough, as one individual, ...
23 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Girl Who Writes
11 days ago
We do need our space. This does not mean we don't want your presence, though. Sometimes, we will have to focus on writing and reading, and we can't only put half-effort into that. But we most definite...