Raven Aurora

Poet. Swirler. Proud melanated being. Demisexual. Healing myself and others through a genuine exploration of societal norms, spirituality, and metaphysics is my purpose. 

Has Class Gone Out of Style?
2 years ago
You've heard it before: both men and women profess to want a partner who carries themselves with classy confidence. For men, this translates to the type of woman who dresses in a way that shows off he...
How Abusive Relationships Change Our Self-Esteem
2 years ago
My longest relationship without pause lasted two and a half years. Some people will scoff and say, "bah, that's nothing. I've spent 20 years with my partner!" Well, at the time it was a feat for me. I...
The Trouble With Not Respecting Womanhood
2 years ago
Let's face it: dating is hard. Since the advent of social media and instant gratification, however, finding a mate that stays interested in you for more than five minutes, much less for a lifetime, se...