Rebekah Gilmour

I'm told I'm loud and confident, but in reality I'm just saying all the wrong things loudly and confidently. These are all the things I wish I was brave enough to say in person.

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How to Process When the Person You Love Rejects You
9 months ago
When he looks at you, he could stop your heart beating in your chest. There is a connection, an undeniable connection, so much so that it overwhelms you the extent to which a person can hold a power o...
A Conversation with an Uncovered 'Catfish,' and How to Identify Them
9 months ago
"So... what age are you really?" I asked, for the second time, after catching a guy who, for three days, posed as an 18 year old attractive gym junkie. "30." "You lied again, even after I caught you o...
The Art of Shutting People Out
10 months ago
I really struggle to understand myself. I think that’s part of the reason I cant let you in—I don’t trust that you can understand me, or even accept me because I simply don’t know how to do that for m...
You're Dating Damaged Goods
10 months ago
I wish what is written below could be stamped to my forehead for every guy to read, so that they can run 100 miles in the opposite direction. This is for the guy I turned down coffee with last year. T...