Rick Beneteau

Non-profit co-founder; award-winning author; recorded, charted songwriter. www.RichardBeneteau.com

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The Bulging Right Pocket
22 days ago
It was one of the worst periods of time in my life. Recently separated, I had just lost custody of my two daughters, and was forced to vacate my newly-renovated home (with three days notice) that cont...
Angels Abound!
22 days ago
It was the day before Cameron’s ninth birthday. I expected to hear an excited voice on the other end of the phone in Windsor, but there were only sobs and tears. Cameron’s classmate, Destiny, had died...
At the Speed of Love
22 days ago
The sometime cynic in me made me write this. The once-in-a-while realist would have penned a lament. And the most-oft optimist was simply too tired of Tony Robbins to write a totally upbeat blurb on d...
The Nintendo Turkey Run
23 days ago
It’s been a personal ritual for years. I’ve done it alone and kept it private… until now. Playing Santa around town for an afternoon has been my favorite day of the year. This year, the time had come ...
The Slushie Fund
23 days ago
The nearby strip plaza, where I buy the coffee cream I all too often run out of, is “L”-shaped and has a variety store at each end. On a cream-replenishing mission the other day, I parked my car in fr...
Out of the Mouths of Babes
24 days ago
It was moving day, summer of 1981. My oldest daughter was four years old and by dinner time we weren’t even close to getting our new abode into any kind of shipshape order so I decided to try out the ...