S Liddell

Writer, reader, life-long student. Socialism, witchcraft, and chill. 

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Why Do They Do That?
8 days ago
"Why did he do that?" "Why does she always say that?" When a relationship spirals into a toxic pattern, it can be hard to spot the signs and take a step back. You convince yourself that you must be do...
21 days ago
I pitched face-first into a serious relationship at the tender age of 15; Jon (though this was not his name) was two years older than me in body, but while we aged together I feel that he stayed 17 ye...
6 Signs He's Interested
24 days ago
It can be almost impossible to figure out if the person you like feels the same way about you as you do about them. You can read every book on body language, word choice, and listen to every friend or...
Dealing with Rejection
a month ago
It's a very personal matter, of course, and no two relationships are the same, but whether it's a recent flirtation, a life-long crush, or a long-term partner who says it, being rejected is horrible. ...
Six Signs You're in Love with Him
a month ago
You've known each other for a while, or maybe even forever, but something is changing. Something has changed. He's not just him anymore; he makes you nervous, you want to look good for him. You think ...
When Love Sucks
2 months ago
I never thought I'd see him this in way; he was a scrawny child. All elbows and knees and hard eyes. He kept to himself, but always had a smile for you. He had a tough home life, I knew that, but he w...