Sam McLeod

I'm just a boy who likes words.

Now You're Gone, But I'll Be Okay.
2 years ago
Good things come and go in life. Bad things come and go in life. Good people come and go in life. Bad people? You get the picture. There are many things that make each of us happy. We all like different things. Music, sports teams, television shows, we all have different opinions on many different subjects and that’s cool. Your opinion on a certain subject may make you like someone or dislike someone. Again, that’s cool, why shouldn’t that be the case? We all experience new things in our lives o...
You See Her When You Close Your Eyes
2 years ago
When you’re in love with someone and you let them go and you haven’t told them how you really feel about them, there will always be that tiny part of yourself that whispers, what was it that you wanted, why didn’t you fight for her or him? Words not yet said, probably never to be said. Those warm glows that you feel and have felt, those sparks of emotion that ignite every fibre of your being will likely never fade. Most of us won’t think about that person every day however, life has a horrible h...