Samantha Emma

Samantha is finishing her MA in Clinical Psychology. If she isn’t listening to people’s unresolved issues, she’s complaining about her own. Her writing is vulnerable, raw, gritty, boundary-free, and totally relatable.

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This One Isn't Lighthearted
3 months ago
I currently have HARDCORE rap BLASTING. It’s incredibly difficult to type while I’m listening to “b**** ass hoe” every four seconds. But I NEED it. You know how some people (most people) go to yoga or...
I'm So Sick of Pickles
3 months ago
Okay, so now that I’ve gotten my #pussypower rant out of the way (for now), let’s have ourselves a laugh. So, these said “men,” I have met… let me tell you a little bit about them. These guys still bu...
I'm Not Going to Laugh at Your Stupid Jokes Anymore
3 months ago
I think I’m going to use my dating life as writing material. Each date is a new entry. A new topic. A new story. Every story is more raw and gritty, honest, humiliating, and comical than the next. (I’...