sarah cay smith

just a college gal trying to survive. fluent in spanish and not so fluent in eating healthy. 

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3 months ago
So I originally had the picture of you in the honors college looking like you were heading off to war, but I wasn't able to get it uploaded. *big tear* But I want to still remind you: Don't you dare f...
3 months ago
How has it been almost a whole year since we met at college orientation? It feels like we've been through about ten years of friendship together. I am so thankful you were bold enough to give me, a st...
If You Didn't Go to Your Senior Prom, It's Okay
3 months ago
The past few weekends I have been seeing a lot of prom pictures. It's all the pretty girls, with their pretty dresses, their cute dates, and all their friends looking like they're having the time of t...
3 months ago
In recent days, I felt compelled to reassure each of my close friends about how amazing they are and how much they have impacted me. Today, we start with Carolina, a girl who is simply amazing (like i...