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When Is the Right Time to Bring Your New Relationship Into the Bedroom?
8 months ago
I’m sure everyone has read at least one book about relationships from the so-called "experts." Each author has a different opinion about intimacy, but an overwhelming majority of them advise waiting f...
3 Reasons Why Ghosting Is a Good Thing
8 months ago
This week's episode is all about ghosting. Why it's a good thing, why it's here to stay, and why you should just get used to it already. OK—right now I know you're thinking: how can ghosting be a good thing when it feels so crappy? In case you've never heard of ghosting, it is defined as the sudden ceasing of all communication with someone you're dating in the hopes that that person will just "get the hint." OUCH. Look, the reality is that ghosting just plain sucks. It feels crappy to get ghoste...
How To Drop the L Bomb the Right Way
8 months ago
Love makes the world go around. Love conquers all. It’s all about the love. Truly, love is one of the most important basic human needs. So why is it so hard to say? The L bomb is just what it sounds l...
How To Navigate Social Media and Dating Like a Pro
8 months ago
As if dating in the modern world wasn’t complicated enough, with the advent of social media, it’s become downright convoluted. While social media can be a great vehicle to obtain more information abou...
Tips to Make the First Date Great
8 months ago
Chemistry is a very tricky thing. The definition of chemistry is a strong attraction between two people. Science can’t describe it or explain why it’s there. It could be anything from the sound of his...
How To Make the Dating Revolution Work for You
8 months ago
In this Modern Age, there is a revolution going on between the "old" and the "new" way of thinking when it comes to relationships. As the divorce rate climbs higher, we celebrate because life is too s...