Scarlett Price

I am a mom, and a student earning my bachelor's degree. I love writing, reading, yoga, cake decorating and baking. I enjoy creating something that is entertaining for you to read.


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Loving You Was Burying Me
3 months ago
I never loved someone as I did you. I never knew loving someone would be so exhausting to where I’d want my last breath. My heart poured out love and your valves were open and leaky. My love was escap...
How to Get the Person You Want
4 months ago
Have you had some trouble getting the person you want? Is it hard for you to figure out what he or she wants? Have you tried things your way and it isn’t working and you’re not sure why? Having a doub...
Honest Talk About Abuse and Fighting
4 months ago
Can we talk about fights and arguments? This is something I feel gets shoved under the rug and is to be forgotten. I want to clean house and put this on display. I want to talk to both ladies and gent...
How to Keep Her
4 months ago
So many broken relationships and failed marriages. Does that make us awful for this to occur? No, we’re flawed humans. Not everyone will be compatible. Not every relationship will work. Let’s explore ...