Simran Lavanya Saraf

When I'm not oversharing my thoughts on the internet, you will find me devouring chocolate, making good use of my Netflix and Prime accounts or asking strangers if I can pet their dogs. 

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Book Review: Catherine Gray's 'The Unexpected Joy of Being Single'
21 days ago
Over half of 25-44 year olds are now single, thus making it the norm. However, single-shame is highly prevalent, with many worrying that they are the 'last ones left on the shelf' or 'all the good one...
We Teach People How to Treat Us from the Treatment We Accept
5 months ago
People often say and do things that we may not like or that might hurt us. It’s an inevitable part of life and is bound to happen in all types of relationships. However, not expressing our feelings an...
'I Overthink Your Punctuation Use'
5 months ago
There's a reason why so many people can relate when Lorde sings, "I overthink your punctuation use" in The Louvre. We can be prone to ruminate and overanalyze silly things, particularly in the early s...