Skye Bothma

Skye is a writer, editor, crafter and artist living the country dream in small town Featherston in rural New Zealand. She's terminally single, and lives with her pet rabbit, Trixie. You can follow her at:

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A Love More Powerful Than Love
6 months ago
I recently came across the BBC TV series Merlin on Netflix and as I’ve always loved stories of King Arthur and Camelot, I started watching. In this variation of the story, Merlin is the manservant to ...
The Three Kinds of Love
a year ago
If you can identify the kind of love you and your partner feel for each other, you’ll have a better chance at telling whether your relationship is going to work. I make no claims to being an expert on...
Alone at Christmas
a year ago
Am I strange for looking forward to spending Christmas alone this year? As a single, never-married, childless woman over 40 with no nearby family, this time of year should be filling me with dread, an...