I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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To Not Weep and Repent
23 days ago
As the masses in Newark, Delaware trudged through the snow, a grayness colored the sky in the late afternoon. Smells of chicken broth from the soup kitchens arose just as quickly. Everyone looked down...
The Season of Selfishness 2: Through Devotion
2 months ago
Blades chopped through the air like machetes cutting through chaff. A chill hung in the air this December 18th. Light snow fell. The helicopter made its descent and touched down with grace and gentlen...
Pulling Rank: Best Examples of Selfishness in the Face of Precarious Situations Listed from Selfish Devotion to Self-Interested Care
4 months ago
When questioned about desperate situations like being stranded on a desert isle or sharing meager rations with your wife or husband aboard a rickety raft, Ayn Rand would classify such scenarios as “li...
A Grander View #MyWorstDate
a year ago
Gold bottles with ace of spades logos sat cozy in buckets of ice on the table. A posh restaurant in Newark, Delaware allowed for the Lady and the Gentleman to enjoy a meal together for the second time...
Flip...A Little
a year ago
From any perspective, an observer could tell what the house represented. This one room shack sat on land that covered twenty acres. The architect, Giles Durcak, had gone mad and made a large house bui...
The Season of Selfishness
a year ago
The twenty-second day of December brought an unusual warmth to the city of Wilmington, Delaware, at least for the winter season. Zevon Perell enjoyed the unseasonable climate. He had just reached the ...