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The Egoism Pledge
5 months ago
The stylus moved. It moved like a staff striking into fertile soil. Only the soil was a digital tablet and the staff opened the gates for signees. Thirty-eight-year-old billionaire Elgier Ossett looke...
The Pressed Penny
5 months ago
Lines stretched around the store at this time. It was 10 o’clock in the morning in the Shepherd’s Emporium in Wilmington, Delaware. D’Vonte Sinclair waited in line just a few moments before he reached...
To Not Weep and Repent
5 months ago
As the masses in Newark, Delaware trudged through the snow, a grayness colored the sky in the late afternoon. Smells of chicken broth from the soup kitchens arose just as quickly. Everyone looked down...
The Season of Selfishness 2: Through Devotion
6 months ago
Blades chopped through the air like machetes cutting through chaff. A chill hung in the air this December 18th. Light snow fell. The helicopter made its descent and touched down with grace and gentlen...
Pulling Rank: Best Examples of Selfishness in the Face of Precarious Situations Listed from Selfish Devotion to Self-Interested Care
9 months ago
When questioned about desperate situations like being stranded on a desert isle or sharing meager rations with your wife or husband aboard a rickety raft, Ayn Rand would classify such scenarios as “li...
A Grander View #MyWorstDate
a year ago
Gold bottles with ace of spades logos sat cozy in buckets of ice on the table. A posh restaurant in Newark, Delaware allowed for the Lady and the Gentleman to enjoy a meal together for the second time...