Steven Altman

He is a minor professional goalie writing about the game of hockey and all the things that come with the traveling/hockey lifestyle. He runs the Minor Pro Life blog and writes poetry in his spare time.

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Second Place
6 months ago
Recently, met a woman who was pretty much what I would call "dream girl." Physically stunning, curious, extremely hard working and caring, plus tattoos. It was a range of superficial pieces I enjoyed ...
Drying Paint
6 months ago
Average day, swipe left, swipe right. Hoping that I would find someone who would fit me just right, or at least be an interesting experience at the end of the day. I ended up matching with a lovely ga...
Gillette: Thoughts
7 months ago
Gillette has received a lot of responses after their new ad campaign. Before diving deeper into this, credit must be given to their team. They took a stance on a topic that has resulted in media buzz....
Nurturing a New Relationship
8 months ago
I may be a little bit of a romantic with relationships—why they form and what makes the successful ones function. Reflecting on the people that some might know in their lives, some couples seem to emb...
Why One Tattoo Wasn't Enough
10 months ago
Tattooing has a history all its own, from tribes decorating their bodies with stories and milestones, to being viewed as unsavory and the underground in Western society, and now to an expression of ar...
The Conversation
10 months ago
This past week I have been reconnecting with a lot of my fellow Canadians back home. With the distance, texts and messenger help to close the gap and time in between. With the time change as I wake, t...