Steven Altman

Apart of a small group of athletes. Unique, different and sometimes weird. Writing about the life that accompanies a minor pro goaltender. The lifestyle, travel and time inside and outside the rink.

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A Reflection on Dating Culture
6 days ago
Swipe, swipe, swipe. Match. Text. Talk. Meet. Repeat. New place. New face. Is it new? Is it something productive? It sometimes feels quite the opposite. Dating culture is weird, gone are the days of s...
The Language of Love Abroad
11 days ago
Through my travels I haven't always been in a relationship, in fact it's been very rare. When you are always on the go it can be very difficult for people to want to stick it out or to keep it healthy...
When It Is Time to Go
21 days ago
Relationships are a funny thing, there are only two options for all of them. You stay together forever or you break up. Sure, maybe you can be comfortable being friends down the road but that won't be...
The Path Can Be Lonely
25 days ago
Traveling for work, long hours at the gym and being dedicated to the task at hand every day. There isn't always a lot left in the tank for other things. It sounds terrible and it can be for relationsh...