sydney .

i write when i feel so strongly about something that this becomes my only outlet.

We Are Gay & We Are Here to Stay
8 days ago
L esbian G ay B isexual T ransgender Q uestioning I ntersexual A sexual + thousands of others terms in the spectrum that are just as valid. "Sensitive." "Overdramatic." "A joke." These are only a few ...
The Girl With Many Bestfriends
16 days ago
I have always been a generous and big-hearted person. Meaning I always put others before me, I am always last to myself. Even if it is my own birthday and it is up to me to choose what to do and where...
Dear People I Left Behind
16 days ago
High school changes you. As much as people do not want to admit it, it does. Even if its just the slightest change or a major change, we all go through it, and most of the time we do not notice it hap...
My Coming Out Story
a month ago
I am bisexual, I first noticed things at the age of eight. I was in the third grade, and I was a little too intrigued by Samantha. I originally told myself that she's my best friend, so of course I'm ...
My Drug
a month ago
We met online. I know, how cliche. We were the typical "met online and fell in love" story. Most people don't believe the "fell in love" part, but it doesn't matter if you believe it or not. I fell in...
10 months ago
"I love you." "Don't be afraid." "I am never leaving you." "You are the only one for me." "You are the love of my life." "I will never hurt you." You have done more than hurt her, you have broken her....