An 18 year old trying to figure it out and sort through her fucked up mind in the process.

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Stuck on Stupid (Part 3)
6 months ago
[WE GRADUATED AND DEPART] You're gone. You left me in the worst way and I couldn't deal. I still can't and it's three months later. -------------------------------------------------- Let's backtrack. ...
Stuck on Stupid (Part 2)
6 months ago
[SEMESTER 2: Hospital] (Just a little backstory on why I went to the hospital. I was raped for three years, and I never told anybody... senior year I couldn't hold it in anymore because it was literal...
Dumbass Gets Smacked by Reality
6 months ago
Life really knows how to smack the shit out of you. Being a human is hard, shit, being a human in America is really hard. Breathing is even a difficult task it seems these days. I'm an 18 year old, no...