They/Them Niyonzima

Gender non-conforming, revolutionary, fitness, [LGBTQI+, refugee, immigrant, women, minority, etc advocate], writer, photographer, anti-social extrovert. 

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Nata (Pt. 2)
2 months ago
I grabbed a pair of shorts from my closet and ran out with him. Our school didn’t have a gym, but there was a tennis court, basketball court, a soccer field, and a track field. We walked to the track ...
3 months ago
Part 1 “It's time to go. Are you ready?” I half jumped and lifted my head to see my mother standing in front of me, handing me my lunch. “Ma, it’s ok. I can make or buy something as soon as I get ther...
The Struggle of Being Trans and African
3 months ago
I was raised in a culture that believes crying and admitting you’re hurting is weakness. A culture that believes depression and other mental conditions should be frowned upon, and are unbelievably fun...