Toni Koraca

Young writer | Globetrotter

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Should I Be Polite or Sincere?
10 months ago
I would love people to be honest with me. Talk to me straight. At least I tell this to myself until someone decides to criticize me. When they do criticize, I think something along the lines of -—How ...
5 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
10 months ago
Growing up was complicated. Discovering the whole social scene can be exciting as much as it can be frightening. I had zero social skills as a kid. Striking a conversation would end up being a complet...
How to Strike Meaningful Conversations Anywhere You Go
10 months ago
Have you ever found yourself thinking about engaging someone over a conversation? But nothing crossed your mind? So, you just sat there with giving an awkward stare or two? Ultimately, the moment was ...
Fascinating Differences Our Relationships Can Suffer
10 months ago
Relationships. Is there anything better than being together with the love of your life? Even though, sometimes, you argue over a total nonsense. But you still want them no further than three feet from...
What Is This Agonizing Place?
10 months ago
There was a pure disgust present in the air. I was about to leave social security administration building. Everyone inside and around was clearly frustrated. Even the security at the entrance seemed l...