Toni Koraca

Young writer | Globetrotter

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Should I Be Polite or Sincere?
6 months ago
I would love people to be honest with me. Talk to me straight. At least I tell this to myself until someone decides to criticize me. When they do criticize, I think something along the lines of -—How ...
5 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
6 months ago
Growing up was complicated. Discovering the whole social scene can be exciting as much as it can be frightening. I had zero social skills as a kid. Striking a conversation would end up being a complet...
How to Strike Meaningful Conversations Anywhere You Go
6 months ago
Have you ever found yourself thinking about engaging someone over a conversation? But nothing crossed your mind? So, you just sat there with giving an awkward stare or two? Ultimately, the moment was ...
Fascinating Differences Our Relationships Can Suffer
6 months ago
Relationships. Is there anything better than being together with the love of your life? Even though, sometimes, you argue over a total nonsense. But you still want them no further than three feet from...
What Is This Agonizing Place?
6 months ago
There was a pure disgust present in the air. I was about to leave social security administration building. Everyone inside and around was clearly frustrated. Even the security at the entrance seemed l...