Valerie Rose

Journalist. Artist. Poet. 

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To the Friends I Lost
a year ago
Ever since I was a child I’ve always only been friends with the one girl in my class and that is who I stuck to. For a long period of my life that's how it was. During my preschool years you were my f...
What Is Love?
2 years ago
So I was single for a whole year, having my "fun" doing whatever I wanted, living on my own terms, honestly I was really happy. I decided I didn't want or need a boyfriend to keep me occupied or happy...
To the Boys I Loved Before
2 years ago
To the boys I loved before, I’m glad you came into my life. I’m glad you came into my life at every stage as a different lesson. First, you were the boy who sat in front of me in grade four... five......