Waverleigh Rose Garlington

Gentry Rose is the self proclaimed author of the ongoing book For You I Will. She spends her free time writing and reading. She has three cats and one boyfriend, all whom she is immensely fond of.

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An Open-Ended Letter to the Girl Who Broke My Heart
a year ago
From the first moment we met, I knew there was something different about you. We were both so young. Maybe you were the first person to treat me kindly. But, no. It was more than that. There was an au...
Should You Leave Your Relationship?
a year ago
Many relationships end without much effort to mend them, couples get frustrated and stop trying. Like most things in life, greatness doesn't come without hard work.
How to Be Happy After a Breakup
a year ago
A heartbreak is an experience that no one can describe the same way but most people go through it in their life. There's at least a million books, songs, and movies based around it. We as a planet kno...