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Why I Gave My Cheating Husband a Second Chance
9 months ago
Something had been niggling at me for a while and it all came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday night. About a month before he had gotten himself a new phone, he had never really been that interes...
The Online Dating Scam You Should Be Aware Of
9 months ago
I have been paid to do some interesting things in my time, some of which I am not very proud of. This is one of those things. I was scrolling through a site looking at job advertisements. I couldn’t g...
10 Reasons to Consider Eloping
9 months ago
If you were one of those little girls who dreamed about her wedding, in your head it was probably something similar to this: large white dress, horse-drawn carriage, Mr. Right waiting for you at the e...
10 Signs That He Might Be the One
9 months ago
You’ve been together for a while, you’ve been through some good times and some bad. But you still have those doubts in the back of your mind: “Will he get bored of me?”. Spending the rest of your life...