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Being 28 and Single

Is there something wrong with us?

From the time we enter high school we are constantly on the prowl for our future husband or wife, but what if we never find them? Usually, people will shrug it off as nothing and move onto college or University. By this time we are more mature and willing to take our time on who we choose to date. As we grow into our twenties, every time you turn around another one of your friends seems to be getting married, going through a divorce, or having a baby. As you grow into your late twenties the reality of you being single makes, you start to think that there might actually be something wrong with you.

I am not opposed to people having babies in their early twenties, but when they're moving onto their third child before they're even 30, then I think there is a problem; not with us the single ones, but rather the ones having all these children. They haven't had the chance to usually finish their schooling or even succeed in receiving a career that they will enjoy. It seems although all these people are in a rush to start having a family they forget that they need something for when all their children are grown and gone. What are they going to do after all their children have grown up and left the nest? From skipping their own education and from not working they haven't received any form of education or experience. The sad part of this is that they are going to fall short when it is time for them to look for work once again in their early forties or even early fifties. Of course, this doesn't go towards everyone, I, do realize that some people do work while raising a family, but I find a majority do not, but for those who do let me just say well done.

For those of you getting married in your early twenties, we envy you, but also pity you. We envy because we are jealous you found someone willing to "dedicate their lives" to you, but we pity you and your marriage because we know it will end. Our grandparents didn't believe in divorce, but our generation seems totally for it, and with that in mind, many early marriages end in bitter divorce giving us enough time to once again get married at a later date. I know of a person who has already been engaged three times with one of them actually leading to marriage, but ended within the year in divorce, and once again she is engaged to be married. So, is there something wrong with us being 28 and still single? I doubt it. We are simply just taking our time to build our self up before taking on someone else.

Taking time to better prepare ourselves for the future makes sense. When you get married or have children you are taking on another individual that you are entitled to help build up and support. There is nothing wrong with building one up, but building yourself up first and succeeding in your career and educational goals should be your first priority before taking on another. So, in conclusion, do we the single ones have it bad? Yes and no, yes because we are still looking for that special someone, but also no because we have the time to focus on ourselves and our careers, so in the end, it's not that bad to be single and 28.

I guess it depends on how you truly look at it. If you believe it's a bad thing to be single in your late twenties then that is something you will always believe. If you choose to look at it positively you will always see it as such. There is no simple answer, some people might look at you like you are pathetic and others might envy your ability to make a life for yourself without having a partner. 

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Being 28 and Single
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