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God's greatest gift to me was your friendship.

There are so many people that come into your life, and barely leave any marks. But you on the other hand, you have left footprints. You, my greatest friend, have been stomping all over my heart for the last three years that I've known you. The three years that have felt like a lifetime. I don't know how it happened, but you and I just clicked and before you knew it we were telling each other all about our lives. You were never just a friend, you were more like a sister, parent, mentor, literally my best friend soulmate. There have been so many people in and out of my life, but with you it has always been different. When everybody else left the picture, you were the only one still standing there cheering me on and giving me more hope. That was when I knew you were a real friend, my best. You're like the glue that holds us together when we feel like everything is falling apart. Thank you for being my best. I'm not sure which one of us started that phrase, "best." But it's short and simple to describe this unique little friendship of ours. All of our pinky promises we've made to each other over the years, and yes I still promise that if you're not married by the age of 40, we'll move in together with my dog :) Because what better way to be alone, than to be alone with your best friend? 

Thank you for being such a true friend, for showing me a bond stronger than I've ever known. For letting me hysterically cry into your shoulder a countless amount of times. Yikes! Thank you for letting me pour my heart out to you, listening to me, and never just telling me what I want to hear. I know you have my best interest and want what is best for me. Thank you for loving me when nobody else would, because sometimes I really feel like I only have you. Thank you so much, for staying consistent in this world of change. You have always been there when I've needed you. There aren't a million thank you's to show you just how much you've impacted me. And how truly grateful I am for everything.

I don't know why it is so hard to put into words how much you mean to me, because no words would ever be enough. We have literally been through hell and back together these last three years. Basically hit rock bottom a couple times, but its only ever made us stronger. I know my life wouldn't be the same without you. 

The friendship I have built with you, has taught me so many things. You taught me to always shoot for the sky. That I can't be afraid of the things that scare me, that they'll only hold me back. You taught me that no matter what I decide to do regardless of how scary it is, you're always going to be my friend and be by my side. This might come out a little weird but I think we need each other more than we realize. I think you need me, just as much as I need you. 

You've taught me that we should never judge each other. We met in the circumstances we did for a reason. You were going through a break up, I was going through a hard friend break up. We were both in very vulnerable places. I didn't know you that long, and you didn't know me that long. We picked each other to become friends with for a reason. I accepted who you were from day one, and you accepted me, so what reason do we have to judge the other one? We have a really good thing going here so we must be doing something right.

With you by my side, everything seems okay. You are the most beautiful soul I have ever met. I hit the jackpot becoming friends with you. You have done nothing but good and brought so much happiness and love into my life. I hope that in 30-ish years when we're in our 50's that I will still be under your wing. I have no doubt, for even a second, that you are still the person that can turn every frown into a smile, pull me out of my funks. God knows I'm awful when I'm in those. Somehow you always know how to lift me up when I have no faith. Thank you so much for being exactly who you are, because I love who you are. Here is to another year of laughter, love, and countless memories with you! I love you more!


Your best friend <3

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