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Best Friends

Friendship isn't like it use to be.

Friendship is the weirdest thing ever, you pick a person and you bring them into your life, share all your deepest darkest secrets with them and treat them better than you treat your own family. It's a strange thing but it's also a much-needed thing for human survival. Socializing is good for your psyche and your soul. You get to vent and complain about your life without being judged. You get to go on adventures and do silly random things with someone who is exactly like you so there's no awkwardness. Friendship is much needed to get through this crazy wild ride of life.

I've had so many best friends in my 30 years that I'm either blessed or cursed, haven't quite figured that one out yet. They've all brought some really good learning experiences into my life. They've taught me people are not to be trusted, they're all selfish and only in it for self-gain. Don't get me wrong I have so many great memories with all my old friends, but those moments were short-lived. People drift apart after so long, life gets in the way and forces you to pick sides. Human nature is to be selfish so you put your needs first and distance yourself from others.

Every friend I've ever had has done me wrong in one way or another, whether it be sleeping with a dude I was talking to or talking about me behind my back. They've taught me to never spill my soul to anyone and to never trust anyone. People leave you and they turn on you once they no longer need your companionship, once they can no longer gain from having you in their lives.

Friends are like romantic relationships without the romance. They come and go and only the loyal ones stick around.  People are only loyal to themselves. People want friends so they don't have to be alone and they can socialize and feel needed and loved. But once a new person comes around they no longer need you. You've now become disposable to them.

Majority of the time friendships end because of relationships. A new boyfriend or girlfriend comes into the picture so friends stop spending as much time together. Their interests change, their way of living changes and they just become different people.

I've lost friends to new friends, they vibed better and cut me out the circle. I've lost friends over loaning out money which made us drift apart because they couldn't pay it back. I've had fights with friends and had them use my deepest darkest secrets against me. As wonderful as friendship sounds it's not a good idea. People don't understand what loyalty is.

Unless you're fucking them or paying their bills, then they're not loyal to you so keep your mouth shut. You can spend time together and have fun but don't open up to people unless you know they're truly loyal.

People like attention and like being liked by others. So if speaking on your name gets them attention, they're gonna speak on you. They'll tell all your business just to have some popularity for a moment. Society teaches us that it's easier to speak badly about someone than it is to speak good about them. 

Being alone is a lot easier nowadays. Keep things to yourself and people will never have a reason to speak on your name. I've had lots of fun over the years with all the friends I've had but I trust not a single one of them. People switch up on you so quickly over the slightest things. I treasure my memories but I also hold on to the bullshit they caused. 

Friendship ends just as quickly as marriages end nowadays. Stick to yourself, life is a lot easier when nobody knows your business. They see you but they don't know you.