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Best Gifts for Your Long-Distance BFF

Finding the perfect gifts for your long-distance BFF just got a lot easier. This gift guide has the ultimate presents to have your best friend smiling from a distance.

When you're favorite person is far away, it can be discouraging trying to find the best gifts for your long-distance BFF. A lot of the best long distance geared presents are sappy and mostly geared toward long distance relationships

We've come up with a list of ten different possibilities that your best friend will adore, and you'll have fun gifting. From a trip planner to a custom time clock, there is a gift for every pair of BFFs to survive their tough relationship, no matter the distance between. 

Long Distance Touch Lamp by John Harrison & Vanessa Whalen

We're going to start off with the cheesiest option on our list, and that's this adorable long-distance touch lamp by Uncommon Good's John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen. The two have created a lamp duo that work all the way across the country. The lights work in-sync by the touch of your hand. 

Once you turn one lamp on, its pair will produce the same glow. As a cute and simple way to remind eachother you are thinking of them, this product will never get old. This lamp duo is one of the best gifts for your long-distance BFF you're not going to want to pass by. 

Relative Time Custom Clock by Uncommon Goods

Our next option of the best gifts for your long-distance BFF is this time customizable clock. As a way to always be caught up on time-zone differences, this analog has multiple hands to show each of your loved ones current time. 

You can use up to four different colored hands and set the time zone for each of them. Plus, you can even add names to the bottom of the cock to symbolize which name goes with which color. 

Personalized Directional Sign by Chris Crooks

Another personalized option for your BFF is this directional sign for a little home decor reference to your friendship. The sign is a perfect way to dedicate to your favorite landmark together, or have it pointing toward what you call home, plus how many miles away you are. 

As a constant reminder that you are just a plane right or car drive away, your BFF will love this. Plus, it'll look great on their wall with the dry brushed texture and simple hand-made design. 

Best Friend Long Distance Friendship Wine Glass by Brushes with a View

What we consider our second cheesiest option among the best gifts for your long-distance BFF, this wine glass set is perfect for any set of wine-loving long-distance BFFs. 

Show them how much you treasure your friendship with them with this short and sweet quote with a personalized painted two countries or states of your choice. The quote says, "Best friends forever never apart maybe by distance but never by heart."

14k Gold & Diamond Heart Locket Necklace by Mignonette

If you're looking to splurge on your long distance best friend, a locket is a sentimental way to prove to your long distance friendship that you will always be with them. 

This specific option is by Mignonette, and is a beautiful 14k gold necklace with a small and delicate diamond that will take their breath away. The locket is perfect for storing your favorite picture of the two of you, and will forever be a prized possession of theirs. 

Cactus Dish Garden by

If you're feeling limited by the options to send your BFF, 1800Flowers is a perfect place to start. They not only send flowers, but plants, chocolates, and fruit. 

As one of the best gifts for your long-distance BFF, this cactus dish garden is easy to take care of, full of assorted cacti and succulents, and will look great anywhere in their home. It even comes in an American Indian-style bowl and is much more exciting to receive than flowers. Plus, it'll last much longer!

Custom Brick Memory Vase by Jenny Gaynor

Going along with this same idea, a vase is a unique gift to give, but this one in particular is extra special. As yet another custom gift, this vase is dedicated to preserving your favorite memories. 

As a unique way to display photographs, the vase is a perfect way to remember special events, and highlight friendships. Each photograph is sized and cut individually and carefully placed around the glass' curves. Each vase is polished, cut, and handblown. 

Soul Sister Engraved Mug by Tabletop

If you're looking for one of the most simple gifts for your long-distance BFF, a coffee mug is always a great way to go. This mug is by Tabletop and says "You are my soul sister," a very sweet and simple dedication to your relationship with your best friend. 

Soul sister has such a powerful connotation, and gifting them with a present that will make them think of you with each use is always a great idea. Plus, it's less than $12, for BFFs on a budget. 

Matua Sauvignon Blanc by Drizly

Alcohol is always a great present, no matter the occasion. Drizly makes gifting your BFF their favorite bottle of wine possible, even if they're across the country! As a simple and easy way to ship a bottle, their website is perfect for last minute gifting. Their Matua Sauvignon Blanc is a great option, and happens to be one of their best sellers. It's also one of the best white wines for sangria. 

Send a bottle their way to help celebrate, even if you can't make it to the occasion. Or have them hold onto the wine and wait until you two are together to pop it open. The choice is up to you!

Trip Planner and Travel Journal by SmART Bookx

As a subtle nudge to get your BFF planning a trip to see you soon, a travel journal is one of the best gifts for your long-distance BFF. 

As the perfect place to log anything to do with travel and vacationing, you and your BFF can use these journals to plan your next visit, or your next trip together. Store up to four different trips inside, from anything up to a 21 day vacation. 

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