Bottle Caps

My Best Friend

The night we found the bottle cap at the top of the multi-storey car park. 

I was a music student in college. I couldn’t seem to find any other subject that I was interested in to keep me in education. Music's my passion, I live and breathe for it. Therefore,  I had lots of musical friends and I’d watch musical people everyday. Little did I know that I would have met someone who hasn't left my mind since day one. 

In the year below me was a boy, who played guitar, and he sang. He had only just discovered his voice and my goodness he was amazing. I was determined for this boy to be my friend. 

The college year came to an end and I hadn’t actually managed to introduce myself to this boy properly. However, I had mutual friends of this boy and all of us got invited to a birthday party. I suggested us all going for a meal first. I’d like to keep the name of this boy confidential, so for now, let’s call him Vincent. 

Vincent sat at one end of the dinner table and I sat at the other. I simply said “Hello Vincent” and I had a simple reply back of “Hello Jess.” That was the first small conversation we ever had. 

Since then, our friendship group kicked off and all of us were inseparable, we did everything together. 

About 6 months ago, me and my group of friends went to see some bands play at a small venue near our home town. We had a lot of fun, drank some booze, and did a lot of dancing. 

After the gig we all went on a little walk. One of our friends, John, had a long board and he loved climbing to the top of the multi-story car park and skating down. 

So we all decided to climb to the top of the multi-story car park, including Vincent. We got to the top, and as I was walking next to Vincent, I saw this little Evian bottle cap on the floor.

I kicked it. 

Vincent kicked it back. 

I kicked it again, and so did he.

 I said “We can’t leave this bottle cap now, it’s with us forever,” laughing, Vincent replied, “ah okay.” I didn’t think he thought I was serious.

Anyway, we carried on kicking this bottlecap all the way through town, he must of gotten distracted because he didn’t kick it back. So I picked it up, and put it in my pocket. 

Weeks later, it was my birthday, myself and he group wanted to go to this really nice nature spot. The bag I was wearing had a hole in it so my mother gave me a clear sandwich bag and told me to put all the important things in it. I do so, and we head of to the nature spot. 

We have some drinks, smoke a couple joints, and play some music together. I wanted to show my friends this random sandwich bag my mum gave me, as I pulled it out of my old and broken rucksack, Vincent noticed the little blue Evian bottle cap in it along with loads of other random crap. He blurts out, “You’ve still got it?!” 

I said, “Yes! I told you it’s with us forever.” 

He demanded, “I’m going to Cornwall tomorrow I’m taking it with me, it’s my turn to have it.” I hesitated to give it to him, I was so afraid of him loosing it. 

I trust he would take care of it and not let it go missing. He took photos with it in the car, scooped up Cornwall beach sand with it. He had it in his pocket the entire week he was away. 

And he returns! With himself and the bottlecap in one piece. I asked for it back of course and put it safley back in my pocket. To celebrate, our friends throw a BBQuorn (because the majority were vegetarian and the weather was still good). I said, “We need to go to the shop to get some Corona and Lime.” 

Vincent replied, “Lime?!” 

I said, “You’ve never had Corona with the lime?” He said “no.” Times were about to change for young Vincent! 

We got the Corona, chopped up some lime, popped open the bottle (I put the corona bottle cap into my pocket for some reason) and we drank away! 

After about an hour, Vincent asked me where the bottle cap was, I pulled it out and the Evian bottle cap, and the Corona bottle cap had merged together.... we tried to get the corona cap out but we couldn’t! So we settled with the two bonded together, side by side. 

The night continued with food and music. Vincent and I attempted to sing some songs together and honestly, the sound we created was so beautiful. A wonderful, spontaneous sound. I said to him that we should start singing together, create a little kind of duo. He agreed. I said to him, “Do you know what we should call it?” 

He said, “What?” 

I replied with, “Bottle Caps.”

P.S. Bottle Caps went on to create a beautiful friendship, write music and cover songs, played some gigs, and made lots of memories. 

They got 7 months down the line and then bumped into some trouble..... One hell of a rollercoaster they have had. 

Bottle Caps stories are to be continued. 

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