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Boys: I Don't Care About You If You Don't Wear Vans

*Priorities* Mate

Lets start off by covering the basics. Everyone, 

  1.  I'm not as materialistic as everything in this post sounds. I'm actually the biggest grub ever and I wear the same shit week to week and I thrift all of my clothes and/or steal them from my ex's closet. 
  2.  I actually have very little standards for dudes that I date. Just the bare basics such as human decency. Respect. Confidentiality. 

I was talking with my mates yesterday and we were in Forever 21 and we started talking about what we think is a huge turn on physically like with fashion and stuff. We played a game where we chose the outfit that we'd like to dress our dream guy in. And I just realized that...

I don't give a shit about a guy unless he's wearing/wears Vans and rolled chinos. 

Like, seriously, that's my style and that's my kind of style. I dress like a Vans tomgirl/boy and I LOVE that style/vibe. But, I don't know if it's just the SoCal surfer-skater girl in me, but I love and kind of only go after the -surfer-skater-ThrasherTM-Vans kind of dudes. Guys who dress like that are my kind of guy. I've had a lot of guy friends in the past who have worn Converse or Adidas's or Nikes and I have to say, I've noticed that with dudes, their shoes tell a lot about their personality. Guys who wear Converse are usually smart, introverted, and more quite while guys who have Adidas's are either soccer players, f*ckboys, or streetwear whores. It sounds mean, but it's just what I've noticed. You can't hate me for telling the truth. And dudes who wear Nikes...they're interesting--it can go both ways. With Nikes, you can go either way. If it's the Nikes that are old and crusty and more athletic, usually (sorry but) the school nerd will wear those with white or black to-the-ankle crew socks. BUT, Nikes can also be super fresh and worn by the school douche who only loves his "F R E S H" (TM) Nikes *slightly* more than himself. Along with his "fire" Instagram feed.

So annoying I swear. 

But mates who wear Vans are the kind of mates that I want to date. Guys who wear Vans automatically just seem like the type of guys who are super chill. They're the kind of guys who you want to skate until midnight and have a beer with at Ballast afterwards. But I only go after the *true* Vans boys. The ones that wear Vans with the rolled chinos with the *little bit of ankle* showing off their cool socks. I. L O V E. T H A T. S T Y L E. I kind of like how I love guys who can pull of a good white tee and a good pair of jeans and look like James Dean. That was my grandpa's style; white tee and jeans and he pulled it off so well. I've always admired that kind of laid back, don't care but still put together style. 

MATES, if you're reading this, don't take this post too seriously, but the lesson here is that you don't have to dress to the tee for a girl to dig you. Just have a solid, basic wardrobe that's your personal style. If you're not into rolled chinos and Vans, then don't do it. If you like to dress up in suits, then do it or if streetwear is your shit and you can pull it off, then go for it. Dress like Tyler the Creator; all crazy and shit. Love it. Or maybe you like PJ's...whatever it is, just dress how you like to dress. 

This is just a post talking about what I like/admire about men's clothes because I love men's clothes. I shop mostly in the men's section so I know guy's style as if it was mine because it is mine

Anyways, this post was really random but whatever. It's an appreciation post for the classic SoCal boy basically. Love y'all.



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Boys: I Don't Care About You If You Don't Wear Vans
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