Break Out of the Comfort Zone

Find the courage to move beyond the horizon.

Love is a daring adventure to move beyond your comfort zone. It’s difficult to form new habits and exchange the old lifestyle for a new one that leads to better choice. Life is thriving, moving past your inner fears, reaching beyond the emotional and mental pain. It’s easy to become a slave to fear.

One of the hardest things to learn is to let go of the fears, push beyond the anxiety, worry, stress, and reach beyond the immediate horizon. 

Breaking out of the old emotional patterns and mental patterns can be quite difficult at first. Like anything we do the first time, there is apprehension. We test the waters. We're cautious. We get our feet wet. We procrastinate for a moment and figure out whether it's safe to move forward.

When we’re surrounded by individuals, they can hand us books, vlogs, articles, videos, workshops, seminars, and become the messenger. Only one person can take the opportunity when it is given, grow from the experience, and plant the seed.

Through the last thirty years, I’ve learned there are a zillion soul lessons to learn along the way. 

Many individuals play a part in our lives from the time we’re born. There’s always a balance of those who we would consider the Villain or the Hero. Through the years, faces change, people come and go, and we all must learn the hardest part of life. 

For some of us we love deeply, feel deeply, value relationships, and appreciate establishing strong bonds with a few good men and women.

There’s a moment in time we are forced to let go. The heartaches, the emotional attachment has grown deep to the core, the passion resides deep in the heart. The grief can be very devastating when we find out someone else doesn’t value who we are as an individual.

At this time we may be afraid of the outcome, being alone forever, and start worrying we'll be forgotten, left behind, we'll never find happiness, we'll never find victory in our dreams. 

There are times we may have focused on someone, zoned in on them, but they never felt the same way about us. There are other individuals we may care for, but they’re not healthy for us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, sexually, or financially. 

There’s a difficult choice to make, and at times we must decipher what is best for us even when we must let go. There are times when individuals may have to think of the whole group versus the self. 

This is true maturity, when you think not only of yourself but what is best for the whole group, the bigger picture, and long-term gains versus short-term gains.

In the younger years, we may even have a difficult time setting personal boundaries with the masculine and feminine, because we want to fit in, be accepted, be loved, and be appreciated. 

Fears are born out of being wounded by other adult wounded children. It’s easy to sabotage ourselves and other individuals at the time self-sabotage ourselves. 

No one likes to feel grief, depression, and heartache. In the middle of the storm, the inner darkness it feels like we’re drowning in the bottom of the sea. 

The first thing on our mind is no one understands our situation, how we feel, and there is an illusion we’re alone. 

We’re afraid to speak up, others wound us when we speak up. The silence begins to be a safer place instead of being criticized, bullied, or reprimanded for thinking our personal truth.

It’s hard to speak up, speak your authentic truth. In these moments of time, you must have faith, take courage, and be brave enough to move out the face of fear. 

When you rise-up out of the depths of despair, you take a chance in finding some inner peace. There are times when some people aren’t safe enough to talk too, and then you must seek and find someone who is empathetic, understanding, compassionate and who truly listens to what you have to say. There's a balance between love and fear. At times both are necessary to evaluate in our experience. There are times when both are valid in the experience.

It takes one person to believe in you, be nurturing, kind, and gentle with your soul. One person who doesn’t judge for you being your authentic self, and allows you to make mistakes along the way. 

Mistakes are not your enemy. Mistakes are the key to your success. The more mistakes you make in life, the more you gain wisdom, knowledge, and insight. When there is a problem, you learn to become a problem solver in the middle of the storm.

In fact, this is what most obstacles are about. Transitions in life teach you to be strong, adapt, adjust, problems shoot, solve a problem, and move on to the next best thing. It becomes difficult by the perception we hold about the event. When we see things from a different perspective, step in someone else’s shoes, there’s a new view to see the world.

Love is a daring adventure to love the unique person you are. The original you is the best version of you. It’s easy to measure ourselves with the neighbors, the masculine or feminine down the block, or the co-worker sitting next to us, but really there isn’t much difference between you and them. You’re just talented, gifted, in your unique individual way. Is there really something wrong with you, or is it just a inner dialogue that no longer serves your life. Check the conversations your inner critic speaks. I can tell you it's easy to buy into the self-limiting beliefs, inner critic, and battle with the external critic projected on to you by another individual.

Never feel you’re not good enough because of someone else. At face value things may look one way, but behind the scenes, they may feel the same way you do. They may just be a better actor or actress. They might put on the costume, a pretty face which masks their depression, they may laugh, show off, and pretend they’re the happiest person in the world, but behind the scenes, they may be falling apart.

Everyone experiences the pain of heartbreak; everyone falls apart time to time. Perhaps we don’t always see the truth, but behind the strong stance, the stern posture, the truth lies deep in the core of the heart. Love is definite, a personal choice to find self-worth, self-respect, self-love, and step out of the addictive and abusive world. While for a moment you might be alone, soon you will find others like-minded who relate to you.  

Mattie M.
Mattie M.

Mattie loves uplifting individuals in a more positive direction. She is a poet, short-story writer, and working on her first novel. Writing for a cause to pay for publishing and the editing of my novel on Depression and Anxiety.

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