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But Not Really Rene

An Uber Driver's Story of a Strange Meeting with a Peculiar Woman

So this Rene is Satanic, but that is not the story here. The woman that got into my car today, as I was Ubering, stole the show for the day. I’ll never know what her name was or is, but we will go with Rene.

Why Rene? Well, that was the person that paid for her to get home from the Hospital. See, I picked her up at Kaiser Permanente somewhere by the Crenshaw Mall and took her to Santa Monica or somewhere near there. Yes, I work Uber and Lyft in Los Angeles, and I also have the best times because I get to meet people like Rene, but not really Rene.

Anyway, Rene gets in my car, and I verify who she is. I also verify where she is going, which was somewhere in Santa Monica. As soon as I start to go, she tells me that all she asked for was to be taken to the Expo line. See, the Expo line, here in Los Angeles, goes from Downtown to the beach, Santa Monica. She was somewhere in between and needed to get to the train at least.

She also added that she was happy that the trip’s destination was her home somewhere in Santa Monica. This was an insinuation that her friend Rene did her a favor and paid for the long trip to her home instead of sending her to a near Expo station.

Anyway, this lady had a stutter to her speech. She told me that she needed to leave her therapy session quick in order to get her pills. Apparently, she needed her medicine. That is where I, as an Uber driver, came into the picture.

I noticed her erratic behaviour, as she was not shy at all with her physical flaws. The superficial side to her was extremely beautiful. She was quite a pretty woman. However, she admitted to having some sort of palsy syndrome. She had some involuntary movements going on, and they were noticeable. They were not exaggerated, but one could see that she had some sort of flaw in her nervous system.

Again, these involuntary tremors were not bad. They just kind of affected her head movements and often messed with her speech. She sounded and looked like she was kind of on speed in a way. However the case, she was very pretty.

Our drive was pleasant and it involved a heavy topic for a conversation. Again, she had informed me that she needed her medicine. Otherwise, her symptom would get worse. She had also added that she was at court earlier that day in an effort to get her children back.

See, her husband had committed some hardcore crime, never got the info on that, and was locked up for a long time. During that time, which she made sound like it was about a year before, she lost her way and stopped taking her meds. Apparently, she ended up homeless and forgot that she was a mom.

According to her, the law was a bit harsh on the punishment in taking her children away. I guess they were supposed to stay with the oldest daughter, but instead, they were sent to foster care. Anyway, she was confident that she was going to get them back.

She also added that the oldest daughter had a tattoo that she said made was by Satan. I asked if she was Goth, and Rene said that Satan was her. When she said that, she laughed. I looked at the rearview mirror, and she was looking at me with a pretty smile. Very serious look with a nice Joker smile. It didn’t scare me. It was more attractive than anything else.

Her story went on stating that she was not really Satan, but her friend was satanic. I guess Rene was satanic, whom she took his name just for this situation with me in an Uber ride. She was something else.

We talked about how Satanism is not about murder, theft, rape, or anything of that sort. Satanism is simply a philosophy in which one must be selfish and make themselves happy. It also teaches that if a person messes with you, that there is no shame in taking action against that.

Anyway, she was all about it. She made a good point in which everyone in this world is pretty much living under that philosophy. True I thought because everyone is out for themselves, and everyone is constantly taking action when being wronged.

I also got stories of when she was homeless as a young woman and hustled on the streets. She also grew up very poor, homeless at times, when she was a child. Quite an amazing woman! I kept looking through the rearview mirror and seeing this pretty, 30-something-year-old woman telling me about her darkest times.

She was also very well dressed. She had this business-woman look to her, so her court story was viable. Also, she was skinny, but hot skinny. She was not puke skinny with bones showing and that sort of stuff.

She had this dark attraction about her. Maybe she was the devil. Maybe she knew that I somehow liked slightly crazy women. Maybe she was just bored and wanted someone to talk to. Maybe she was on drugs and was bullshitting me all the way. She did just get out of therapy after being in court earlier that day trying to get her kids back. Maybe I was just simply blinded by her beauty. Her dark beauty. Maybe I’m the crazy weird one.

In the end, Rene just got off with her frappe and told me to have a cool day. I looked back as she got out of my car and saw her smile. She sure was pretty, and, for some reason, she had lost her quirky mannerism and erratic behaviour. As she walked away, my thoughts kept telling me how rough she’s had it. On top of that, she has some sort of shitty palsy syndrome, which slightly adds to her lunatic behavior.

Was it all fake? Did she really just get out of therapy? Was she another struggling actress messing with me while playing a role? I thought this because in Los Angeles there are a shit load of those characters. In the end, she was a hot mess for reals, whether it was bullshit or not. It also made my day in a very strange way. 

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But Not Really Rene
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