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Can I Really Marry My Best Friend?

A Rant on Gay Marriage

People say that the person you marry should be your best friend... So why are these same people pissed about same-sex marriage? If a man's best friend is a man, and he wants to spend his entire life with that person, why can't he? If a woman's best friend is another woman, and she wants to spend her entire life with that person, why can't she? Same-sex marriage isn't horrible. 

If it's against your religion, don't marry the same sex as you. In my opinion, if your religion says you should hate someone, or infringe on another person’s rights based off of who they are attracted to, you should find a new religion. Simple as that. What they do in their house, in their bedroom is their business. NOT yours. Your rights aren't affected when gay couples marry, but their rights are affected when you feel you should take that away. 

It still shocks me that it took the United States until 2015 to allow gay couples to marry who they want to marry. Why are we being pissy over gay couples marrying each other, when in the exact same country underage children are being married to much older people? (If you are unaware in the US there is a man named Warren Jeffs, who was the leader of the FLDS church, where he arranged underage marriages for girls as young as 12 to men in their 60s.) 

Gay people (and the LGBTQ+ community overall) are not the problem. The problem is people thinking they are entitled to control how other people live because they feel the way they are living isn’t “normal” or “ethically/morally correct”. It’s 2018. Wake up and look around you. Stop living inside of a bubble. 

As of 2017, it was estimated that ten million Americans identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community (according to It may seem minute to the 325 million total US population, but these numbers are just estimates. Millions of Americans still may be uncomfortable to come out of the closet, but the number of LGBTQ+ people is increasing. 

I am bisexual. I have been bisexual since I was a freshman in high school, and now I'm going to be a freshman in college in the Fall. I want to be able to date and marry who I want without fearing for my safety physically and socially. I am not out. I may never come out, because of people in the world who feel they gave me a cookie, but instead, I took the whole cookie jar. (I legitimately heard someone near me say “The gays are so selfish. We give them a cookie, but they want the whole cookie jar.”)

Wanting gay marriage legalized isn’t a cookie jar, it’s a fucking chocolate chip. Once gay couples can marry, adopt kids, live freely and proudly in their own skin, without harsh judgments from others is when we are given a cookie. Same-sex marriage is not gay privilege, it’s equal rights. Privilege would be gay people not paying taxes. Or that a gay couple doesn’t have to pay for their wedding. 

We have better things to worry about than boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls.

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Can I Really Marry My Best Friend?
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