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Can Love Be Found Online?

Meeting online? Is it love or lust?

We all wonder what love is. There is no clear definition for love—for each person love is only what they perceive it to be. For me, I always believed that love was when you found someone and they instantly change your life in a heartbeat; a person who changes you to be a better person, someone that makes you feel loved, someone that makes you love and appreciate life. Love should be a feeling that you can't explain with words. Love should be felt in your stomach and chest, you should feel alive. Not everyone can be lucky enough to say that they have experienced true love, but I can, and crazy enough I found it online. 

Let me tell you my story. I grew up with a small family. I was an only child for 8 years. My parents were and are deeply in love. They showed me love every day. My dad would always shower my mom with flowers, gifts, kisses. I could clearly see them in love. My mom would take care of me while my dad went to work. It seemed like a perfect family to me. As I began to grow I dreamt of having a family of my own. I dreamt of having a wife to come home to after work, with kids, a dog, a nice car, the whole basic shebang or whatever. I always dreamt of having a high school sweetheart, and let me tell you that did not work out whatsoever. Now that I believe that I am more mature and I can analyze events better, I feel as if all the love mishaps I had in high school weren't really me being in love. Now I come to realize that it was mainly all lust or whims. I never really felt much for any of those girls because I would get over them pretty quickly or wouldn't care much for them. There was this one girl whom I thought was going to be the one, and I believed that I was in love, and she said she wanted to be with me too but she ended up lying and cheating on me with my best friend. After that, I decided to just mess around with girls and have friends with benefits, nothing serious with anyone. It was pretty much the best time of my life. I would have so many dates and no commitments with anyone. I felt wanted and I didn't care that no one loved me. 

In college, I would meet people on dating sites, Facebook, Instagram and basically any social media. I really didn't care. I always thought it was lame to meet people online and you couldn't really find true love, but I was not looking for that anymore. I just wanted to meet women and have fun. At this point my dream of having a family and all that was starting to diminish. I would tell myself that all that was just a fairytale, and no one nowadays would want that. No one could be loyal to just one person, people just wanted to go out and have fun. So one day I'm in my room. I'm on Instagram adding people on my recommended lists. I see this one girl and I decide to add her. She looked beautiful and get this, she was into sports, she liked to work out, and had a lot of the same interests as me. We were even going to the same college. I decide to message her, and that's where it all began. 

I started talking to her and we exchanged numbers, and turned out we hit it off pretty quickly. We were able to talk through the whole day from morning to night. We both worked so there were breaks where we wouldn't talk. We never had time to actually meet up in person because of our work schedules. I decided to one day go visit her at work so that we would finally be able to meet and actually break the ice. So I went to her work place, and let me tell you, I had always been a confident guy, not confident in my looks or whatever but confident enough to be able to talk to women. I knew I was really ugly and whatever, nothing special, but I still was confident enough to go up to women and talk to them. Shockingly I was tongue tied with her. My heart was beating like crazy. I went home that day and I was mad at myself because I felt like I had killed my chance to make a good impression with her. 

Now I don't want to make this too long and bore you with all the details so I'm going to try and keep it short and skip to the point. We kept talking for a couple months and going on dates. I finally decided to ask her out and we became a couple. She was perfect to me, everything about her was, and to this day she still is perfection in my eyes. When we made love the first time, it was something out of this world. I felt something that I had never felt before in my life. I knew she was the one. I knew she was the one who would teach me the true meaning of what is love. After a while of going out we decided to start a family together. We got pregnant and she moved in with me. Nine months later, we had our little family. With her I found everything I was always looking for. A family to come home to after work. Someone that loved me the same way that I loved them. Someone that made me feel so special. 

In my opinion, in this day and age I believe that true love can be found on social media. I believe personally that it just depends on each individual and how serious they want to take something. It basically isn't much of a difference meeting online than meeting someone at a party or event. You don't know someone at all when you first meet them either way. You have to work your way to getting to know someone. If you guys meet online and decide to meet up in person, it could or could not lead up to something special. Now everyone has their own opinions and I respect them, so let me know what you think about my crazy story of meeting someone online and finding true love. 

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Can Love Be Found Online?
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