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The Truth Behind the Lies

Masked behind an Image

So what can a girl do when she has these mixed feelings with a man, when she wishes to spend her life with him? What happens when she decides to marry him and she realizes she made the wrong choice and he takes it the wrong way?

When a girl is confused she goes to her closest friend and talks to them, but what happens if her only closest friend is the one she marrying, what happens next?

I suppose she could talk to her family, but they were the ones that said he probably wouldn’t be the one. So why should she ask for their advice. She could pray to God and see if he could give her a sign of some sort. But how would she know the sign that was given to her. How long would she have to wait before she realizes the time has flown by with a snap?

He said that he loved her and that she meant everything to him no matter what happened between the two. The love that he carried was uplifted and was upon his shoulders at that very moment. How could she know that he was telling the truth, how does she know that the pictures he sends to her are true? For all she knows is they are a bunch of lies. Just pictures off the internet. What is she to do, how is she supposed to trust someone who won’t even show his face?

Someone who had promised her that he would get it fixed so that they could FaceTime whenever they had pleased. What if he was just lying so that he could see her (body) and get to know her? Then one day they meet, they get together in bed and then leave he leaves her the next day. She feels the lost of trust confounding inside her soul. She seeks revenge and hopes that he would burn in hell, in all hopes he would have learned his lesson.

For what, who knows, the disgrace that was fought between the love and the hate between herself and a phone of distrust. A liar who would soon realize that he had made the biggest mistake of his life. Someone who she thought she could trust but later finds that he wouldn’t be the one she was looking for. Someone who she thought would love her for all of eternity. No, she won’t stand like this, she'll just have to simply realize that she is most likely better off without that bad poison. The past is in the past, but now she has definitely learned her lesson, she is now better off with someone who she knows, knows her and is far better of with her.

I was lied to, manipulated to think that he was speaking the truth but no, it had all gone down to those false moments of complete utter deceitful lies.  

Yes, if this may concern you I was catfished and let me tell you something it wasn't the most pleasant thing that I had gone through. It was downright horrible, my life was fine if I hadn't responded to that one message, maybe it wouldn't have gone down that way. 

But it unfortunately did. Nothing could have ever prepared me for what had happened, I had never felt so damn embarrassed in my life. When that first messaged arrived in my inbox, and I noticed who it was, I thought maybe one small text won't hurt. I was deeply mistaken, a part of me knew there was something off about him. Like that gut instinct, but I pushed it aside like it was nothing. Let's just say a couple years go by and not once did he show himself on camera, he said that it was broken and that he would get it fixed. That was a big no-no (red flags instantly). 

When someone tells you from the very beginning that they will get their camera fixed you hold onto that moment, just hoping that they would keep their word (promise). Or if they say, "Hey let's meet somewhere, I don't know maybe Hawaii." 

You get excited and say, "Sure I would totally be down for that. I suppose while I'm down there, I'll visit my grandparents." 

Something was bothering at that very moment after I sent that message, like some sort of ticking moment that wanted to click inside my mind. But I had hoped and wished that it wasn't true. I was deeply mistaken, nothing would have been able to hold me back. I wanted to expose him for who he was. He had said that he didn't have Facebook or Snapchat or an email but it had gotten me thinking how are you messaging me if you don't own an email. I suppose on some websites you don't need an email but I automatically assumed that you would. 

I wasn't able to sleep one night and he sent one more message before he went off to bed. I felt like there was something wrong and I had to deal with it. I luckily saved some of the images that he had sent me. I had copied and pasted it into Google, hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be someone else and that he was actually telling the truth. I pressed enter and my jaw instantly dropped, my body started to shake, and I went into a straight panic attack. I couldn't move for hours on end, it finally stopped and I walked to my room, grabbed my phone off the charger, and wrote this: "You son of a bitch you lied to me, you lied to me about everything I know you are not who you said you were. I hope you burn in hell for what you have done, and I swear to god if you do this to someone else I will track you down and hurt you." This was the output of my rage I could never forgive him for what he had done.  

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