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Caution....Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

With all the wolves out there who needs to find that sheep.

What are you? Wolf or a Sheep? 

I'm shocked with all the wolves in sheep's clothing there are out in the world. The way kids are and how they behave surely surprises me nowadays. 

I don't ever remember being disrespectful to my parents or to their friends, but yet kids that my daughter thinks are her friends are so fake and full of themselves that I see it. She just doesn't, and it really bugs me. 

I see these little players walking around thinking that their lengthy arrest record and their sloppy hair and their filthy clothes will get them awesome friends that you can count on. They're the soup sandwich types that you dare not trust any of them. They even hang out in packs like wolves. 

Well, my daughter thinks that everyone is her friend and she's 24 years old, she just trusts everyone even if she just met them. In a way I guess I am similar, but I won't invite them into my home because he's cute or has some weed. My daughter is crazy, and she doesn't think. I have kicked out these little wolves that come into my home and think they got what I need or my daughter. I laugh at this generation of kids. Don't get me wrong, there are some good kids out there, and then there are the wolves. They sit in the dark in their packs and wait for gullible kids that cross their paths so they can manipulate them and tell them what they want to hear and mess with their heads, reel them in and then they bite and take whatever you have or your kids. 

I have heard all kinds of sweet talking punks that think they are what I need, when my daughter realizes that these players are a bunch of clowns, it's usually too late, and I have to deal with the mouthy, little wolves. But at first they say such sweet things and try to roll on in real smooth-like, but the funny thing is that I've seen it all before. I have been married a couple times and I dated the sweetest con there was until I went to jail for a few years and got beat up by these sweet talking clowns. The clowns that I married sure had me convinced that they were what I needed and wanted until they cheat and lie, steal, beat you, break your heart, drug deal behind your back and mentally play with your head. 

So I try to warn my daughter what to watch for but she doesn't see it, and when they pretending to be her friend, she listens to their crap and lets them stay or have sex with her. I try to get in the middle and I'm the bad guy. But when they try to pull the man in my home, I step all over them and off they go. 

I had friends in school and I mean I had good friends. Loyal, loving, caring, family-like friends. My best friend is my daughter's Godmother. And my first love is my daughter's Godfather. I keep these two close to my heart and always will. 

But friends now, no way! I wouldn't call anyone that I know now my actual friend. I don't think I need the bull that comes along with that word. It surely doesn't mean what it used too anyways. Like really, I like how these punks say, "Hey baby, my woman, I love you, my wife, mama bear." Like who are these crazy fools? I haven't heard a bunch of bologna like this ever, well maybe in elementary school. 

My poor kids are growing up in a generation of clowns and puppets. There are so many wolves in the world that they forgot to change back and be the sheep again. It's much easier to be bad and ruthless then to actually care and be solid in their words that come out of their faces. There is a huge hole in their face and bull comes out. I just wish my daughter could see what I do. The kid just wants to learn the hard way. 

Like rolling up and playing this cool, Mac Daddy role. Heck, kids, you couldn't be even close to what I need in my life. Not now, not then. I'm 20 years older and yet I don't look my age at all, but it doesn't mean to try rock the boat and end up drowning anyways. Little wolf pups just hang out in packs and when someone is nice to one, you get the whole pack that tries to take advantage nowadays. 

So, I try and warn my kids that being a sheep is much better and you get to find other good sheep that would much better of a friend than a wolf and their pack. My poor daughter falls for their sweet words, but then I step in and snap her right back to reality. They usually don't last very long in my home or around me and my daughter. I want my kids to be proud of themselves and who they call their friends. I don't need to find them in the paper or hear about them on the news. Or even see them walking the streets; hungry, cold, dirty. 

I can only speak my heart and soul and prey that they hear me, and if they have to learn the hard way, then it shall be. It's just crazy how these wolves can convince our kids that their "friends," and they got each other's backs. I laugh, don't listen kids, they are going to rip you off, steal, lie, do whatever they have to just to make sure they have what you have. Or they'll make you steal and stuff like that, because they're your "friend," and that's what they do for each other. 

There are lots of wolves in the world, just walk the other way and don't fall for their bull. They will hurt you, take everything good and turn it into something really bad. They will not stick by you when the heat comes down and they will rat you out so fast. Never trust these wolves or make them your friend. You all deserve sheep and let's starve out these packs for good. Don't trust anyone unless they're a sheep. Don't give anyone anything that isn't a sheep. Stay away from these wolves and maybe they'll just get the point and get lost. Sooner or later they'll end up in jail anyways. 

Good people are out there. Not everyone was or has a dark background and chose to be like hermits. I have seen so much crap that I can do without. 

Hey sheep, watch out for the pack and don't trust them. They really don't want to be your friend, they just want everything you have and they'll try to get it. 

I can't believe how upside down the world became and what the future holds for our kids. I'm ashamed. I'm so disappointed as well. Watch for you sheep and keep them close. There are lots of wolves out there just waiting. Don't fall for anything they say. They are NOT YOUR FRIEND. 

Friends are the best gift.

Friends are good people to have in your life, just be a good person and you'll see them better then to be wearing the wolf outfit and making everyone your prey.

Paige Kostyniuk
Paige Kostyniuk

Hi there all. I grew up in a little country town called Two Hills AB. I have been married with kids, got my diploma in basic welding and pipe fitting. I love to write, read, being crafty and I love the outdoors. City life isn't for me. 

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Caution....Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
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