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Choosing Your Friends Wisely

True Friendships

Keep calm and choose your friends wisely.

It’s terrible to be friends with someone because of their outward appearance like because of they’re famous, can sing, because of their hair, wardrobe, and race. It’s nice to be friends with someone for their personality and for who they are on the inside.

To choose your friends is to change who you hang out with because you have different friends in different parts of your life. Establishing a benchmark test for choosing a friend is asking yourself about spending time with someone who will build you up or tear you down, help you to become yourself, help you achieve your important goals, and will you be happy after spending time with someone? Make a list of five people who you trust to listen to you attentively and tell them about your dreams and goals. If you share the details of your life, it creates trust. Creating your own advisory board is to meet them regularly and ask them for advise so that they will lift you up, challenge, inspire, and hold you accountable.

A true friend who keeps a friend’s secrets to themselves. They do not gossip about their friends’ faults and is quick to forgive them. A friend who repeats the same bad things will separate close friends, lose friendships with them will never be approached to them with confidence. A true friend tells you the truth and they don’t want you to get hurt. When choosing your friends carefully, you become more like who you associate with. It’s important to choose your friends wisely. Do not make friends with an angry person; do not associate with an easily hot-tempered or you will become more like them and get yourself ensnared. True friends produce good behavior, yet true friends are good companions and excellent friends

There are several friendship qualities to look for in a friend, how to be a good friend and for a rich, long-lasting friendship. A true friend who loves sacrificially, accepts unconditionally, trusts completely, keeps healthy boundaries, and gives mutual edification.

True friends heighten our joy.

A true friend will share the same truth, they have more in common; friendship will go deep when they share their beliefs and want the same things out of life. A true friend goes the distance, will walk with us through the hard times that won’t kill the friendship; it will deepen it. 

A true friend listens well and counsels well. 

A true friend keeps confidences. 

A true friend picks right up where she left off six months ago. They can push pause after every conversation and pick right back up the next time they’re together.

A true friend can say hard things and will risk saying what needs to be said. Deep friendship can buffer hard truth. 

A true friend knows being there is enough. We can’t always fix things, but we can be there. We can listen, love, and pray.

A true friend celebrates rather than compares. They are genuinely happy for your blessings. Rather than sink into jealousy, they will encourage and share your delight.

A true friend forgives. Expectations can wipe out a friendship. Even in a good friendship, we can forget to call back or fail to realize a friend’s need. They need to be quick to apologize and quick to forgive. 

A true friend makes you a better person each time you’re together. True friends make you a better parent and spouse. Conversations with them are refreshing and time spent together is a filling of your soul.

How about you? What would you like to add to the list of true friendship?

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Choosing Your Friends Wisely
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