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Cinderella, You're Naive

A realistic look at fairytale optimism.

"A dream is a wish the heart makes." Shut up Cinderella you have no idea what you're talking about. Sure, you dreamed about princes and castles, but you are not real. Now if you were real, you would most likely be having nightmares of your evil step sisters beating you with the broom they obviously do not know how to use properly, that is, if you didn't already realize you're a grown woman and are perfectly capable of making your own way. You don’t need your step family. You don’t need a Prince Charming. Take that elbow grease and hard work you’re using every day cleaning up after those unappreciative toads, and take care of your damn self instead. THAT is the message you should be spreading to young girls and boys.

Cinderella, you are clearly an optimist, but I prefer realism even though it may (and usually does these days) take a pessimistic turn. Now let's be real, your life is sugar coated. The movie depicts a young woman being tormented by her step family, and looking at it now, it suggests that much more is happening than what is seen. Most young girls will not see that, but unfortunately too many can relate. It is true that young girls do not always get along with the step family, and more often than not, it goes beyond the extra house work. These same young girls are going to believe that there’s hope in getting out, and maybe there is, but not the way you did it Cinderella. These young girls are going to expect a prince or someone else to come save them, instead of trying to save themselves. Don't get me wrong, there are a lucky few who love their step parents and siblings, but sadly that isn't always the case. Little girls all around the world watch your movie, and as I said can relate to you, but they get a false sense of hope. There is no fairy god mother with wings and a magic wand in real life. There's no "Bippity Boppity Boo" to heal little girls from emotional distress. Everything turned out well for you, and honestly, I'm happy for you.

Happy endings make for good movies. Where's my happy ending Cinderella? There's that false hope again. My heart is wishing for that happy ending, but there are no happy endings in my dreams. Not everyone will get their happy ending. Some people are lucky just to end up feeling content or comfortable with their life. However some of us, are just very, very unlucky and aren’t that fortunate. So my dear, before you make lovely songs people will cherish for years with your sweet voice, consider carefully what you're putting out there. While your movie's ratings are high, a lot of people's self esteems are low.

I feel bad for bashing you Cinderella, and I LOVE fairytales and Disney movies and what not, but when you’re feeling down and dealing with depression, sometimes it’s hard to see the optimistic side. Hell, sometimes it’s even hard to see the realistic side and the only side that appeals to people like me is the pessimistic side. I know you are a caring, kind hearted person who has no ill intentions despite the years of abuse you endured, and you think you are doing well encouraging people to think positive, but it leads to a lot of let downs. I’m sorry for being harsh, and I hope you can forgive me, but I’m done sugarcoating things for the sake of other people. I hope you understand.

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Cinderella, You're Naive
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