My Worst Date

Maybe it was an unbelievable blind date, or an anonymous hook-up with a twist. Submit your Worst Date stories today! Sponsored by

She Writesa year ago
My Worst Date
Growing up I wanted three things in life: get married, have lots of kids, and fight against injustice. But there I was, barely thirty, divorced, and a single parent working from paycheck to paycheck. ...
K. Alexandraa year ago
Kittens & Computers?
(Tuesday evening) The rain continues to pour immensely from the grey heavens... almost as if the angels were reminding me that going to this so-called 'date', was a bad idea. I ignored them despite th...
Sharlie Stuarta year ago
Bible Boy
Some years back a church friend set me up with her cousin, Baden. She told me he was a nice, Christian guy, single, cute, just hadn’t met the right girl yet. I agreed to go out with him, didn’t seem l...
Lowri Jonesa year ago
My Worst Date
Telling this story is never fun unless you’re drunk—and I mean REALLY drunk, because then, at least, either you forget you’ve told the story or everybody else does. But I suppose everyone has a least ...
Roberta Floresa year ago
When I was young, I always thought I would have an amazing first date with someone when I got older. He would pick me up and take me to a movie and then grab a nice dinner. Unfortunately, that was not...
Deborah Scotta year ago
Six Minutes of Insanity
On Wednesday night, I participated in Speed Dating for the first time. The night was so interesting I had to share my story. Unfortunately, I do not have any accompanying pictures, but you can use you...
Taylor Parkera year ago
These days I'm not too positive what constitutes a date exactly. But I am gonna go ahead and count this. First a little background; at the time of this story, I was 20 years old, going through a break...
Elijah Jamesa year ago
Yes, Two Guys Can Just Be Friends #MyWorstDate
Hi, I’m E.J., I’m queer (specifically, pan), and I’m also transgender. I identify as male, people use my preferred name and pronouns, and I came out to everyone in my life halfway through 2016, so it’...
Jess Agera year ago
Worst Date Ever
Based on a True Story!