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4 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Not the Only Answer
I met my husband on eHarmony, but that wasn’t the only dating site I ever used. I started with the free ones, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish. I tried out Match, Christian Mingle, and even Coffee Meets Ba...
Becky Jimenesa month ago
Dating Online and Relationships for Love on the Internet
Trying to steer through the world of relationships and love is a compelling task. Trying to navigate it on the Internet can be exhausting. With so many dating sites, comes many questions. What are the...
Liv Caroa month ago
My Tinder Success Story
Every day new people are embarking on a hunt through an online smorgasbord of potential dates. We often hear of the pitfalls of talking to people online and somehow trying to establishing some common ...
Mary J. Gibsona month ago
Five Apps Singles Should Try This Weekend
Some call it a chemical change, some call it an emotion, but love, or for that matter, the sense of companionship is much more than emotion or chemical change in the body. It is beyond the plain old d...
Jess Fern2 months ago
The Craft of DM Sliding: WTF Are You Doing?
"Hey" – read at 7:02. "Hey" – read at 7:05. "Hi" – read at 7:08. "Hey" – read at 7:12 "Hey" – read at 7:23. "What’s up?" – read at 7:24. "Hello" – read at 7:33. "Hey" – read at 8:02. Annoyed yet? Yeah...
Christina Oswald2 months ago
At First Sight (Pt. 1)
A Dating App Horror Story
SKYLERIZED 2 months ago
Reason First: The Idea of the First Date in the Digital Age
What separates men from males in romantic relationships is the fact that there must be a level of spine and testicular fortitude to match the woman’s femininity. In order to achieve this balance, it i...
Paulina Pachel3 months ago
The Truth About Tinder Dating
Spring is in the air and rooftop season is upon us. If you’re from Chicago or any metropolitan city with beautiful skyscrapers and overly priced gin tonics, you’re in for a treat. Because this is also...
Online Dating Safety Tips
Online dating sites and apps are becoming an increasingly common method of finding a romantic partner these days. Online dating used to come with a stigma, and people would often try and hide it that ...