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Luke Smith7 hours ago
My Shoe's Tinder: A Complex Truth
November 2016 saw the American people decide their 45th President. Across the Atlantic, a heartbroken, semi-functional 21 year old drama student with the emotional intelligence of a swan fighting a bi...
Samantha Brett2 days ago
Modern Romance
Before the emergence of the internet, society was vastly different from the society we live in today. Without certain technologies, everyday tasks took time and energy. The goal and purpose of most te...
Lianne Cooper3 days ago
Death to Tinder
Can we just stop this nonsense now? I get it. It’s the 21st century, life is lived online. But why does it have to include our love lives? Surely we are better than all this. I am the kind of person w...
Jada Brouthers4 days ago
Teenage Let Down
The big bad "R" word: the word that makes the shyest of girls weak at the knees and the baddest of boys cackle. Relationship. Relationships can be easy, they can be hard, they can be close, or they ca...
Car W.7 days ago
Does the Dating App Tinder Work for Everyone?
Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there. This is partially because it is easy to use and user friendly. But does that mean that Tinder will work for everyone? The answer isn’t as easy ...
Sherrie Pogue14 days ago
Social Media and Infidelity
Instant Gratification Sometimes it starts with a harmless chat site or even a site like Facebook. Quickly the people of social media can fill a void in your relationship showing you the attention you ...
Jessica Bates14 days ago
How to Deal With a Break Up on Social Media
Pretty much every single person above the age of 12 has gone through a break up, or at the very least, a rejection. And a large percentage of these people are on social media. We all deal with break u...
Gayle Elizabeth15 days ago
Don't Give Up! 5 Helpful Dating Tips While Using Online Sites
There is hope on dating sites! If you get out often great, but if you're like me going out is rarely an option, especially with kids so it is difficult to meet people. That's why I turned to online da...
Rose vasqueza month ago
Nightmare Online Dates
When I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with a fifty year old actress from the Big Bang Theory, I packed his things and started dating again because ain't nobody got time for that. I found my...