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George Swagger2 months ago
5 Great Tips for Success When Using Dating Apps
Let’s be honest, next to social media platforms, dating sites and dating apps have received their fair share of explosive popularity over the past few years. We can all thank technology that you can n...
Edwin Betancourt2 months ago
Grindr and the Trolls Who Dwell Within
Grindr was a dating app created on March 25, 2009. Yes, you read that right. It was a "dating app." Crazy to see how almost 10 years later it's a pool of headless bodies, unwarranted penis pictures, s...
Mariah Smiley2 months ago
Pros and Cons of Herpes Dating Online
Online dating is mixed with surprises and regrets. Of course, there is no exception for herpes dating. We have learned a lot from many real herpes dating stories from our greatest readers that herpes ...
Courtney Lowry3 months ago
Young, Dumb, and Swiped Right
The only place to start talking about my experience with online dating is to remember when I was crying on a sidewalk in front of my university’s library on a warm September evening. In one earbud Tay...
Courtney Keller3 months ago
Online Dating
For many years, individuals would meet each other through mutual friends, work, or school. That all changed 20 years ago when online dating sites were made. Dating websites were created to help people...
Alicenaraa Naraa3 months ago
How to Use BBW Dating Sites to Find Plus Size Women
If you are interested in big beautiful women, you are likely going to be met with the challenge of finding one who is ready to date without stressing yourself out. Of course, you can choose to go to c...
M.P. Carvalho6 months ago
The Rules of Tinder Dating: Sexual Chemistry
In today's hookup culture, finding a date can be as easy as swiping right. Social media and dating apps like Tinder have made it increasingly easy to communicate with anyone and build an instant conne...
Audrey Lynn6 months ago
Swipe Left:
Ever wonder why you it seems you are not getting traction on online dating apps? You've created a bio, posted some pics, and sit back and wait for your matches to come flocking in. I mean, you're a CA...
Fredrick Morgan6 months ago
Swipe Right for a Fresh Look
How many times have you found yourself sitting in an office, waiting to be seen by the doctor, or simply at home waiting for your show to come back on, and find yourself swiping through possible conte...