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Kendra Brea Cooper10 months ago
Courtship and Camera Angles
Tinder is now a huge part of our romantic imagination. “Swiping right” is a sign of approval and sex appeal, while our pictures stand in for the ever-so-important first impression. We’ve eliminated th...
Nancy D10 months ago
A New Way to Meet People Online
Online dating has been a completely awful experience for me, until I found this group. I have had guys offer me money for sex, ask way too personal questions, and I have had people be just plain mean....
Shanice Rangira10 months ago
Online Heartbreak
In the beginning I never used to see the allure in online relationships but as I grew into my mid-teens such relationships were quite popular. With websites such ad IMVU and Second Life you could real...
Christie Farrell10 months ago
What Are the Rules in Dating Today?
Who knows how to do this thing?
Delilah Jayde10 months ago
10 Things Not to Post on Social Media While You're in a Relationship
With the rise of social media comes the inevitable need to showcase our social status as often as we can. The internet has now made it an easy place to brag, complain and share our lives, with apps li...
Delilah Jaydea year ago
How To Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile In 3 Easy Steps
We've all been there before: you answered the questions, wrote a little bit about yourself in the profile section, posted it online with the cutest selfie you could find, and despite the vast amount o...
Meg Monthiea year ago
The Woes of Online Dating
The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a hopeless romantic, probably to a fault. I would be lying if I tried to say I haven’t dreamt of meeting a handsome stranger’s eyes across a crowd...
On Relationships: Embracing Love in Romantic Complicity—Excerpt 11
Dating Agencies The intermediary method takes on an added complexion when a dating agency is utilized. Professional matchmakers can render a very valuable service when it is performed with honesty and...
Mell Ritza year ago
Online Dating with
My experience with online dating started almost four years ago when I found myself in my mid-forties, divorced after 21 years of marriage and a single mom of three teenagers. I wasn't all that keen on...